Thank You, Governor DeWine

Thank you, Governor Mike DeWine. Thank you for protecting the lives of the unborn children in the state of Ohio. While states like mine are recklessly pursuing amending the state constitution to enshrine the right to prenatal murder, the Ohio legislature had the courage to pass a law protecting these children who do not have a voice to protect themselves and you, Governor DeWine, had the courage to sign that legislation unlike your predecessor.

Yes, there will be a legal challenge. The ACLU of Ohio had already issued a response, even before the bill was signed.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand for life in a culture that is eager to not only deny the scientific reality of the personhood of the unborn child but demonize anyone who holds that position. The fight in Ohio is certainly going to get messy. Look at what happened in Georgia. A group of celebrities got together to try to encourage the film and TV industry to boycott the entire state. Similar fights will undoubtedly come to the state of Ohio as a result of this legislation. Governor DeWine, thank you for recognizing that impending reality and still committing to do the right thing.

This bill is a clear indication of one of Ben Shapiro’s oft quoted maxims. Facts do not care about your feelings, and no matter how you feel about abortion, the fact of the matter is that the unborn child is a human being and it is simply not okay to kill human beings. If you go on Twitter and just search for “abortion,” you are going to see a lot of people talking about their feelings. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what you feel the unborn child is. Scientifically, factually, and quite frankly logically, the unborn child is actually a unique person, actually a human being, and actually a life that deserves protecting.

The fact that an entire political party and their affiliated political machine are committed to a full assault on the dignity of human life ought to be troubling to us. That being said, it should have been troubling to us for the past several decades. I love my country, but the sheer number of abortions that already take place on our soil is a blemish of titanic proportions. Over 60 million abortions have been performed in the United States since 1973. Seeing states take active steps against this trend and seeing governors have the courage to sign legislation does not make up for what we have done in the past, but it does show signs of a better, more life-affirming future. We must celebrate these victories.

In summary, I just have to say thank you again to Governor DeWine. This isn’t over yet, and the courts are ultimately going to have the say as to whether or not this legislation holds up. That said, you did your part. You signed the bill that was put on your desk. That is all any of us can be expected to do. We have to do our part in the process. When someone asks you what you did with the time that you had to protect vulnerable lives in your state, you can answer with pride. You are on the right side of history.

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